A highly experienced online marketing team with over 10 years of expertise.

Programming Service

All types of system development and programming services according to customer needs With a team of professionals who can write programs in many languages. 


Website design Service

Whether you need a website for E-Commerce or Web Content that focuses on presenting information. We are ready to design and improve your website. That can support every browser without limiting devices.

Web template Service

If you are looking for a website design service provider. to meet your needs To rank in SEO with a web template using WordPress, which is the best option for you  and your business


Google Ads and SEO Service

If you want to make money online, SEO is important for any online business. That helps your website and content rank high in search results. Make your services/products more visible

Programming service

Ready to design and write all kinds of programs, all in one place, with a team of professional programmers who have more than 10 years of programming experience and are proficient in many different programming languages.

Our programming work Designed to be user friendly

Our design and programming services Focus on writing programs that are not complicated to use, easy to use, and increase convenience for users as much as possible. Whether it is a small program or a large program, we have examples of programming work as follows.

Product stock management

Accommodation booking


Online ordering

Accounting calculator


Score aggregation

Production control

Check stock

Training course

Online products


We can develop any type of program.

Whether you need mobile applications or websites, database systems, server software, or full-service desktop applications, Our team has expertise in all aspects of programming and is well-equipped to build the systems you want into reality.

You can contact us to discuss further about your project and receive a free consultation!

Website design, 1 year warranty

Having a website is an almost inevitable necessity in the digital age we have today. But it doesn't have to affect your business' website budget. Here we provide affordable and high quality website design services. To appropriately meet the needs of your business It has the following features for making a website:

Available on multiple platforms

The websites we design are modern and usable on mobile and tablet screens with Responsive Web Design (RWD), giving your customers convenient access to your information and services on any device.

Effective SEO services

We understand the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get your website ranked high in search engine results. We're here to help you create the right SEO plan and increase your business' chances of success.

Designed to support every browser

We design your website to work well on all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. without any issues.

New design and improved information

Whether you need a website for E-Commerce or Web Content that focuses on clearly presenting information. We have a team of experts who can design and improve your website to meet your needs.

Combining modern technology

We use the latest technology to develop your website. We can combine technologies such as HTML, Dynamic HTML, Java Script, Flash Presentation, and more to make your website versatile and modern.

Affordable price / Free advice!

We provide website design services at an affordable price. Ready to give advice on choosing the right one according to your needs.

iPlandit's work

Example website


CMS website template design service

If you are looking to create a website that has many different types. need flexibility Can be easily customized and supports the transition to an E-Commerce system in the future. Making a ready-made website with WordPress is a good option that has many plug-in systems that help you create a modern and highly efficient website. Our team accepts website creation and design. Fully integrated in making a website.

1. No technical knowledge required: A ready-made website does not require much programming or computer expertise. Anyone can own their own website easily and without difficulty.

2. Beautiful layout: Ready-made websites usually have a beautiful and clean layout. Makes it look professional and modern.

3.Uncomplicated: There are no difficult steps or complex processes to create a website. Make it easy to use

4. 24 Hours Online: You can work on ready-made websites from your computer connected online 24 hours a day.

5. Inexpensive: Ready-made websites usually have a low cost. This makes it suitable for small business owners or those who want to start testing the market.

6.Easy to do SEO: With a ready-made website, there will be plugins that can help capture the keywords we want more easily.


Suitable for: Blog, news website, organization/company website, content website, online store, and others.

iPlandit's work

Website template


Making a good website alone is not enough, you must do SEO as well

Our team has more than 10 years of SEO experience and guarantees the keywords you want your website to be searched for by customers. Using a starting period of only 90 days, it can make your website rank on the first page of searches to increase online sales.

If interested, contact :


  • Develop ASP .NET programs90
  • Develop PHP programs80
  • woocommerce website development85
  • Develop office programs75

Plan online marketing Services

Are you looking for services to help you build and increase the success of your business online or want to improve your online marketing venture to increase sales and customer awareness? Our services focus on online marketing and optimized marketing planning to help you achieve your objectives.


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We've included resources about programming. Create both custom and ready-made websites. So that you can study and gain knowledge here.

iPLANDIT  a leading online marketing team with a team of professional programmers and an online marketing planning team, responds to your needs quickly and efficiently.

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